Life is a process.

A process is a collection of interacting components that transform inputs into outputs toward a common aim called a mission statement. Processes exist in all facets of life in general, and organizations in particular, and an understanding of them is crucial.

The transformation accomplished by a process involves the addition or creation of time, place, or form value. An output of a process has time value if it is available when needed by a user. For example, you have food when you are hungry, or equipment and tools available when you need them. An output has place value if it is available where needed by a user. For example, gas is in your tank (not in an oil field), or wood chips are in a paper mill. An output has form value if it is available in the form needed by a user. For example, bread is sliced so it can fit in a toaster, or paper has three holes so it can be placed in a binder.

Transformation accomplished by Process
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Neeraj Sharma

Thank you for sharing the information with us, it is very informative


Yeah i agree

Sunil Naik

Very well explained…verh good and easy explanation of process relating with life


thanks for sharing