Design Thinking & Strategy Design Consulting


Design gives ideas form and function as well as a voice to lead and inspire change. Now that design-centric companies have shown how design can be a differentiator to short and long term success, you too can bring design thinking designers to the table for strategy and product challenges.

Companies often squash creativity and innovation. As Gary Hamel describes, “Too few voices are heard, creativity is constrained, decisions are under informed, barriers separate capital from talent, and necessary change is slow.” When you partner with Fresh, you get fresh independent design thinking with no politics, no preconceived notions, and no agendas. 

Framing Problem/Opportunity

As we start a collaborative dialogue, we want to frame the problem or opportunity within design to synthesize our understanding of your business and audience, your existing ideas and needs, and your competitors and landscape. Once we have framed the problem or opportunity in a visual way, we all have more creative freedom to think and design.

Client Inspiration

Building off of framing up the problem or opportunity, we can fill the frame with a collection of divergent insights, ideas, and images that together connect ideas into nuggets of inspiration. In the process, we may iterate on a collection of design concepts, wireframes, prototypes, or simple guiding visuals. Design thinking can connect collective input into inspirational strategy you can see.

Client Solution

We believe today’s multidimensional problems and opportunities require multidimensional input to synthesize solutions. We bring our designers’ input to our business strategists and sophisticated developers to collaborate and converge toward the top ideas that have value. The best way to visualize concrete solutions is to design them, and, until you see the solution, it’s hard to feel and evaluate what’s best.